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HUMUNGOUS NOTE!!!!!!!!!!! NO DISRESPECT TOWARDS THE PRESIDENTTTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Barry lived in America. It was pretty average for main characters to be from America, but it wasn't like he was going to get sucked into a video game or something. Anyways, Barry really liked all that dragon TF that was on deviantart. He read a lot of them and had had a few daydreams of him getting a life-changing packages. He also liked Steven Universe, don't judge, so... yeah. Anyways, he had noticed probably around 50 deliverymen milling about around his house. "Either I'm going crazy, or Mom did some wild online shopping," he said to no one in particular. He went up to his house, they all gathered, and said various "Package for" and "Is there a" before they all finished with a unanimous,"Barry?" There were a few mutters of "No last name..." Barry started getting very nervous. "Uh, that's me... Bring them in..." Really, it went like this. A deliveryman gave him a package, he took it to his room, he came back, rinse and repeat. 50 more times. One box was really big, so two deliverymen took it down for him. 50 deliverymen and 50 packages later, Barry was done, the packages in his room, and the deliverymen gone. He flopped down on his bed and decided to open one. Inside was a round teal gem with a gold band running around it that caught the light. "Is that...? It is! It's a gem!" Barry looked for notes or something. Then, he found: Warning: Only apply to skin in desired area. So then, he took the box and put his left shoulder on the gem. He felt a small pressing, then, nothing. "It must be entering my body." He shivered as 'magic veins' snaked through his body. Next, Barry tried some gem stuff. First, he summoned his weapon by imagining the edge poking out of his gem. He reached... And pulled out a teal longsword. Putting it back, he tried shapeshifting. He imagined being a cat, and after glowing, he was a cat. He did a happy cat dance, and it was adorable. He shapeshifted back, and took a look at some of the other packages. "Considering the contents of the first package, I have a sound hypothesis as to what the other packages contain." Barry liked to talk like that sometimes. He went over to the really big package and opened it. Indeed, there was a costume, surprise, a dragon costume. Of course, then it came to life, growling somewhat menacingly and gesturing to the zipper. "Relax," Barry told it. "I have 48 other TF packages, no doubt a bunch are dragon. You can be... My loyal companion and friend." At that, the costume sat up and turned into a real dragon, stuffing into sinew and zipper into spikes. It then looked towards the mound of 48 unopened packages. "Ay... That's too many..." First, he looked through the packages until he found what he was looking for: a triangular stone with an inscription that reads 'Dreams come true. You just have to wait.' "Heh. Ain't that right," he said as he squeezed it in his hand. Needless to say, eyes, tail, legs, wings, head. I mean, you've kind of already read one TF. Why wallow through another? Anyways, Barry was flying over to... somewhere important. He couldn't really decide where. Finally, he decided on the White House. Obviously, a Secret Service team appeared. He landed, drew and leaned on his sword, and said, "So, any of you boys know where I can explain my situation to Mr. Obama?" Of course, they felt pretty threatened. "Fire!" Aw, geez... Barry ducked, then flew in. "Spread out! Find it before it finds the president!" Needless to say, he found the president before they found him. Super smell and everything, remember? Anyways, he was in the Office of Ovality. The president looked up when the lock on the door clicked, and was taken aback. He looked at Barry and said, "What are you?" Barry responded with, "Yeah, I get that a lot." Mr. Obama's eyes bugged out when he said that. "Surprised, eh? I'm Barry, gem and dragon. Pleased to meet you in person." "What's a gem?" "Not totally surprised. Mr. President, are you familiar with the show Steven Universe?" Ugh, enough dialogue! Basically, Barry explained A. Steven Universe and gems B. his situation (including why exactly he locked the door) and C. the 47 remaining packages. One week later, a group of the world's top scientists from any and every country began studying, modifying, and reproducing the contents of Barry's remaining 43 packages, which along with dragon stuff, there was fox, wolf, and Pokemon stuff. 4 of Barry's friends, however, had received 4 specific packages. If you looked closely, hard, and long, you could see in the sky what could only be described as a Kyurem, a dragon with a lump on its left shoulder, 2 more dragons, and a wolf with wings. =)


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Also I want a jelly baby

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